What does it cost?

Running a union does cost money. We pay legal fees, particularly for representing members through the grievance and arbitration process; set aside funds to provide our members with strike pay, in the event of a strike or lockout; and mail information to our members. We also contribute financially to CUPE National and CUPE Ontario.

As a member of a CUPE 5265, 1.8% of your salary will be deducted for Union dues. You never have to write us a cheque – your dues come directly off your pay in the same way as CPP and EI premiums are collected. All part-time faculty become and remain members in good standing of the Union within thirty (30) days of employment.

It is also important to know that the union is not an organization you pay to do things for you, it is not the same as a lawyer, or a real estate agent or similar professional. The union can do things on your behalf but the union is only as strong as its members. The dues go to provide infrastructure and resources that can helps you organize around what you and your fellow members want. The real power of a union is people working together as a group to advocate.


How does CUPE 5265 work?

CUPE 5265 is run by the members for the members. It is a democratic organization. The Executive of CUPE 5265, which makes the day-to-day decisions, is elected through a vote of the membership every two years. Major decisions, such as whether to accept a union contract, called a Collective Agreement, are made directly by a vote of the membership. The Executive Board consists of six officers: President, Vice-President, Chief Steward, Secretary-Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Outreach Membership Officer. The Executive Board meets at least eight (8) times per year and their recommendations are forwarded to the General Membership meetings.

There are various ways members can participate in the union. Members volunteer to serve on committees, including the Social Committee and Health and Safety Committee. We also have members who serve as union Stewards. CUPE 5265 has one Chief Steward and two Stewards. Stewards stand as the first line of defence when a problem occurs. A Steward is the person to see when you have questions about your rights or questions about the union. We also have regular labour-management meetings where issues outside the contract are resolved. As a labour-management committee member, you would canvass other members regarding issues of concern. Members can also participate in CUPE 5265 by attending the regular membership meetings which are usually held in late September/early October, late January, and April. Notice of each regular meeting outlining the date, time, and location will be given to members at least seven (7) days in advance of the meeting.

Please contact the Union if you would like to become a Union Steward or join the Union committees.


Why do I need to use a non-UWO email address to get union updates?

There are a couple of reasons:

  • It’s more confidential, the employer has access to all the emails you send with their email service, it’s very unlikely they are spying on you but this is just a way to keep it confidential.
  • If we ever need to go on strike we need to have a way to communicate with each other that we have control over, if rely on the email service the employer provides that could take it away making it harder for us to organize.
  • Simply, UWO emails should be used for UWO business.