Rights & Benefits

Below you can find select rights and benefits. For more info please refer to CUPE Local 5265 – Collective Agreement.

Leaves: You are entitled to a number of paid, partially paid and unpaid leaves, including sick leave, compassionate leave, and pregnancy/parental/paternal leaves. Details of these can be found on pages 22-26 of the Collective Agreement.

Pension Plan: You may join the University Pension Plan if you a) have earnings of not less than 35% of the Year’s Maximum Pensionable Earnings; or b) have completed 700 hours of service with the College (see Article 17 of the Collective Agreement).

Employee Assistance Program (EAP): You have the right to access the King’s College’s EAP should you have personal difficulties (including physical, mental, emotional, marital, family, alcohol, drug, or financial problems), and seek support and assistance. The EAP offers a free confidential and professional counselling service and can be reached at 1-877-433-0701 during the daytime and at 1-800-668-9920 after hours.

Progressive Discipline: You have the right to be informed of any problems regarding your work performance and must be given the opportunity to respond to and address any problems raised. You have the right to Union representation in any disciplinary meeting (see Article 10 of the Collective Agreement).

Grievances: Every employee has the right to file a grievance if they believe that the Collective Agreement has not been followed. The grievance procedure is there to allow you to question the way the Collective Agreement is being administered. All enquiries are held in strict confidence and we will not file a grievance without your explicit consent. Many issues can be resolved without the initiation of a formal grievance. Please contact the Union with any concerns. (See Article 8 of the Collective Agreement.)