Job Postings

Updated June 20, 2018
Course # Course Title Department Posted Date Closing Date Apply
MATH1230B Calculus for Social Sciences (Sec. 571) Mathematics06/20/201807/02/2018 Apply
STATS2035 Statistics for Business and Social Sciences (Sec. 570) Mathematics06/20/201807/02/2018 Apply
DS2292B Special Topics in Disability Studies: Care and Controversies in Autism Disability Studies06/17/201806/29/2018 Apply
POLI4486F Special Topics in Political Science: Campaign School Political Science06/17/201806/29/2018 Apply
SW4429B Social Work Practice-Based Research (Sec. 571) School of Social Work06/17/201806/29/2018 Apply
WRIT1022G University Writing in English (Sec. 573) Writing06/13/201806/26/2018 Apply
SOC1020 Introduction to Sociology (Sec. 576) Sociology06/11/201806/25/2018 Apply
SOC2233 Social Psychology (Sec. 570) Sociology06/11/201806/25/2018 Apply
SOC3361F Crimes of the Powerful (Sec. 570) Sociology06/11/201806/25/2018 Apply
SOC2264F Social Movements (Sec. 570) Sociology06/11/201806/25/2018 Apply
SOC3340F Violence in Cultural Perspective (Sec. 570) Sociology06/11/201806/25/2018 Apply
THAN2232A Children and Death: Theory and Interventions (Sec. 650) Thanatology06/02/201806/15/2018 Apply
PSYCH3320G Child Psychopathology Psychology05/22/201808/31/2018 Apply